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Masai Mara is the “must do” of the Kenyan destinations and most of our Safari programs are tailored to feature Masai Mara as a highlight. 

The road and air network in Kenya makes it possible to combine Masai Mara with other safari destinations and also a well deserved beach extensions after a tough drive through the African wilderness.

You can have a look at some of our safari packages that feature Masai Mara.


A few key points that elevate a Botswana holiday above other African safari destinations.

Wildlife – Masai Mara is home to pretty much every Kenyan wildlife species found on the continent. From huge elephant herds, dominating prides of lions, packs of wild dogs and more, Masai Mara is a safari destination that is worth investing in.

Remote wilderness – The game reserve and private concessions surrounding it are real African wild with a miriad of accommodation options. This gives you uniquely safari experiences, tailored to your interests, budget and time.

Unique accommodation – complementing the natural environs, the lodges and camps of Masai Mara offer a quality experience that can be enjoyed by the adventurer, the romantic, or the family all the same.


Maasai Mara (Masai Mara) is situated in south-west Kenya and is one of Africa’s Greatest Wildlife Reserves.

Together with the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania it forms Africa’s most diverse, incredible and most spectacular eco-systems and possibly the world’s top safari big game viewing eco-system.

Maasai Mara National Reserve stretches 1,510 sq km (580 sq miles) and raises 1,500-2,170 meters above sea level. Add the conservancies and the area is at least twice the size. It hosts over 95 species of mammals and over 570 recorded species of birds.

This is The World Cup of Wildlife, and together with the Serengeti National Park there is no better place in the world to see what the Maasai Mara and Serengeti National Park provide.

Wildebeest Migration: Make sure you have your safari booked planned out that includes the Maasai Mara. The wildebeest migration is nothing short of amazing. It is one of the things you have do add to your bucket list. Best time to be in Kenya for it is JULY – OCTOBER although Kenya is a great year round destination.


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